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Topher Donahue

Photographer. Writer.

First climb: Age 3

First skiing: Age 2

First SLR camera: Age 11

First writing awards: Age 16

First book project: Age 28

First corporate biography: Age 35


Over 20 years as a student of journalism and communications has left Topher with a wide range of methods and tools for telling stories and building compelling communication products.  Before the digital revolution, Topher's refusal to specialize as either a photographer or a writer was seen as a weakness. In today's content creation world, where complex multi-media campaigns are the norm, Topher's combination of both writing and photography has resulted in great success.

Topher's photography methods include:

  • Low level aerial photography
  • Remote strobe and lighting photography
  • Stylized HD DSLR video  
  • Animated still photography
  • Simultaneous multiple camera operations

Topher's writing methods include: 

  • Personable interview style
  • Research before writing or interviewing
  • Efficient production methods