The most exposed wedding portrait ever?

Last weekend, Robbie Burnham and Krystal Barton tied the knot. My guess is they're used to commitment, considering we went to the top of the Diamond and literally tied their rope in a knot for a shot of Krystal leading the way with over 2000 feet of exposure at 14,000 feet above sea level.

Krystal did an awesome job of being patient with her flowing bridal gown, waiting for the updraft to blow the dress in a way that would reveal the next foothold, not freaking out when a few drops of water blew onto us from the waterfalls on the right side of the face, and generally keeping it together on lead in a wedding dress nearly 3 miles above the sea and a half mile over the talus.

Robbie was fresh off of shoulder surgery from a serious mountain bike accident, so just being on the wall was thrilling for him - not to mention watching his bride-to-be looking gorgeous while leading vertical rock in the thin mountain air.

The two of them are kindred spirits and neither one showed a flicker of stress or angst with each other during the adventure.  I think they're going to be brilliant team. 

And I get the feeling that, while Krystal wore the dress on the sharp end on the Diamond, I know who will wear the pants in the family...