Corset Ranch now Organic!

I’ve dined on Koby beef in Japan and feasted on platter-sized steaks all over Argentina, but in my opinion the world’s best beef is from the Corset Ranch right here in Colorado. Of course I’m biased; it’s my brother-in-law Davie's ranch. My sister Nemonie has a great taste in men, so I get to see first hand how the cows are raised there and spend time with my family on one of those ranches that are what childhood dreams are made of.

So we’ve know for years that their grass-fed beef is world-class, but now THE CORSET RANCH IS OFFICIALLY ORGANIC!

Four generations of the Colville family have raised cows on the land, earning the official designation of a Colorado Centennial Ranch for being in the same family over 100 years.  The genetics of the ranch’s first cow are still in the herd.  Before the term “organic” was ever used to describe food, the beef raised on the ranch has been raised darn close to that standard.

Years before the ranch was officially organic, a veterinarian tested the Corset Ranch herd for a common bovine parasite that is typically treated with antibiotics. His response? “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.”

The Colville Ranch herd didn’t need the antibiotics in the first place. Not needing the antibiotics makes the animals stronger and the in turn reproduce with stronger offspring. Then we eat the beef from a healthier animal raised in a healthy environment. It’s one of those cyclical things. 

Click through the gallery above for images of the Corset Ranch. You want beef raised here.

The Corset Ranch is nestled at the edge of the San Luis Valley, and the cows spend their summers in the San Juan high country, and winter on strategically-rotated organic pastures along the edges of Gold Metal trout waters of the Rio Grande River.

While old-school at heart, the ranch also is serving as an example of visionary forward-thinking food production. The Colville family fenced off sections of the riverfront property to keep cattle off and allow the cottonwood forests and wildlife habitat to thrive.  Currently they are experimenting with rejuvenation soil quality by cyclical-planting of a nutrient-rich crop mix and letting cattle stomp the nutrients into the soil rather than using machines or fertilizer (other than the cow’s own).

Perhaps there are other ranches with just as high quality of beef, and with equally happy cows (and cowboys and girls) -- but if there’s one that’s truly better I’d be curious to know about it.


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